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3 Feb 06
Very first version of WikiPot (v. 0.1)


Last published version: 0.1

Welcome to WikiPot website.
WikiPot is a Wiki application based on MySQL 4.x and ASP. It's dedicated to people that, like me, love ASP but are conscious of the limitations of Access databases and want to have a Wiki that is not based on ASP+Access or PHP+MySQL.

Main Features

  • WikiPot is a Wiki system, it allow users to freely create articles and to edit them;
  • It incorporates user registration features;
  • Customizable with different skins and languages;
  • Free and Open Source.

Do you want to help?

  • WikiPot development is just started: if you want to help, simply post your modifications in the forum, and maybe they will be included in next releases.
  • This is free software, and it's open source: everyone can modify the source files and also use WikiPot or part of it in other applications or web sites. Be sure to follow the GPL license distribuited with the software.

WikiPot is free

Every use of WikiPot is allowed: you can also use it in your commercial products, following the GPL license directives.
If you download WikiPot and you find it useful (and only if you want) you can send me a little donation, also a single dollar, to reward me for my hours at the PC... you've only to click on one of these buttons to transfer any amount of money with PayPal, or with your credit card. Every donation helps with the money management of the website. :)